Kemika: chemical spcialties for professional cleaning since 1976

the company
Kemika develops, produces and distributes chemical specialties for professional cleaning.

The company works above all on the market of contract cleaners and collectivity and it is the sister company of other companies that work in similar sectors.

Founded in 1976, it is today leader in the Italian market and in other European countries such as France, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, in some Mediterranean area countries and in some Eastern European countries. In particular on the Italian, French and Spanish market, it is present with a widespread network of dealers allover the territory.

In Italy, it is leader in the professional market of chemical products.

the production
Kemika S.p.A. is a company certified ISO 9001:2015.

The productive cycle of the chemical sector is checked by five laboratories, that guarantee a very high quality level on:

  • packaging
  • raw materials
  • products during their productive cycle and finished products

Moreover they deal with developping new products and improving the existing ones, both for their performances and for their environmental impact.

Kemika got the formal permission by the Health Ministry to produce:

  • disinfectants (medial devices)
  • cosmetic products

and it is the holder of various medical devices at the Health Ministry.

Kemika is accredited as a supplier at the Italian State Railway and it got the permission by the Municipality of Ovada, according to the law 36 on biodegradability, for the production of detergents and waxes.